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Monday, March 05 2018

Proverbs 10:12b, NIV

“…love covers over all wrongs.”

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and even several weeks later, I find myself still thinking about love. We all have an inner yearning to love and be loved, and sometimes, we may find ourselves continually searching for true love. There are also various ways in which we may choose to display our feelings of devotion and affection for one another, to demonstrate what we think love is. However, let’s look a little deeper and consider the power of what love does.

When facing difficult situations or hurt feelings, we could say we’re in need of love. But it’s during these times that God’s love covers us. Perhaps, we can envision His love as a blanket that provides and protects. Other times, we may have the opportunity to offer His love to others. Love encourages, apologizes, and forgives. And love will always try again.

During Jay’s Sermon Series “Wounds”, we have spent time contemplating the things in our lives that steal from us or harm us, and how to move forward, allowing God to heal our wounds. The wounds that we don’t deal with, the wounds that are within us, that speak lies to us, affect us and change the way in which we live, and possibly the way we love others.

It’s true, love is patient and kind. Love also heals. And, with the help and power of God’s love, we can work towards loving each other as if we’ve never been hurt.

Praise Work: How can you move forward, allowing God’s love to heal your heart? Take time to soak and rest in His presence. The following may be helpful as you seek Him this week: Romans 8:35-39 and 1 John 4:7-21.

Blessings, KL

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